Inka dinka do

Yesterday was a BLAST.  A small contingent of art group girls found ourselves on S. Broadway for a holiday card print outing at Ink Lounge.  Actually first we met up at Pajama Baking Co on S. Pearl (sorry, Amy!) for sustenance and caffeine and catching up.  Then we headed over to Ink Lounge to pour through books for the perfect holiday card image.

I brought an image I xerox’d at least 20 years ago, and have been saving for that perfect use. We get to do a 2-color silk screen, so the 2 images that would make up our final card were burned onto one screen:

Then we picked 2 inks (only 2?!?)

Chris chose gold and was musing between turquoise or green for her 2nd color, to make up her Christmas tree image.  I went for deep indigo (so much more interesting than black) and a metallic magenta (quelle surprise). Here’s the taped off screen (Chris took a photo like this of her set up, so had to copied her!):

They paired us off in teams.  One person inks the screen (“floods” it) and then squeegees the ink onto the paper. The other theoretically clean-fingered person handles the paper (lines it up with the clips, then sets the inked card on a drying rack).  MJ and Jody start on Jody’s design.

I didn’t document theirs very well…  You’re going to get tired of my little guy, but here’s the used screen.

And Chris with her screen from the first press (she did the xmas tree ornaments in gold).

Next step, we wash the screens and set them out back to dry in the sun.

Jody’s lining up her card to set the clips and anchor the screen for her 2nd ink pass – green.

Jody-Jo, can you put up pics of your final card?

MJ chose silver and black for her elegant travel-by-steamship image:

Chris lines up her image for the 2nd (turquoise!) pass:

A trip to the drying rack, and the final product!

And my happy guy after the 1st inking:

I was as fascinated by the inked up screens as I was by the final product.

If they don’t line up perfectly, we learned that’s called “charm”!

This was such a creative space…  Jody and I were doing some serious daydreaming about having our own shop…  Look at all these cool prints hanging from previous workshops.

Even the work surfaces are beautiful.

And I guess I should mention there were a few other talented people in the class besides us:

Now we have a jump on the Christmas juggernaut…  for at least a day or two.

Absent art girlies, we missed you!!!

P.S.  Here’s a Flickr link to even more pics from Stu at Ink Louge:


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